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This green mask improves skin conditions such as acne and atopy via delivering high concentrated doses of carbon dioxide deep into the skin layers. The carbon dioxide increases blood flow and helps discharge waste products inside the pores.

The carbon dioxide from the mask is absorbed by the skin and reaches the capillaries. It dilates blood vessels, promotes blood flow, and promotes skin metabolism for a rejuvenating effect.

The mask also has a fat cell burning effect. When the skin is tightened and lifted, the metabolism of the skin increases, tightening the pores and reducing wrinkles.

By using this mask, the dermal fibroblasts activate, thus minimizing wrinkles, preventing sagging, and encouraging the skin to produce collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid.

Green mask

SKU: 3
定期購 1000円off
  • 【顆粒 内容量:20g×10包】<配分成分>ケイソウ土、アルギン酸Na、炭酸Mg、硫酸Ca、ピロリン酸4Na、スクワラン、炭酸水素Na、リンゴ酸、ユーカリ葉油、(クロロフィリン/銅)複合体
    [Granule content: 20 g x 10 packets] <Distribution component> Diatomaceous earth, Na alginate, Mg carbonate, Ca sulfate, 4 Na pyrophosphate, squalane, Na bicarbonate, Malic acid, Eucalyptus leaf oil, (chlorophyllin/copper) complex

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