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What is Toner?トナーとは?

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Toner neutralizes brassy yellow and orange tones on bleached hair. It alters the undertone of the hair color, but doesn't lift the shade. This is why it's meant to be applied to bleached or blonde hair and will not work on darker hair.





This process takes more than 7 hours. This person has a history of using color, so first they had to lift her hair to reveal her hair history, then with the foils with bleach the whole head, and then color the roots and whole hair. They also did another highlight with bleach at the end put the toner all over, but the roots color and end color is different formulas.




​What I'm tying to say here is

That I need more time, colour is not just simple, especially to fix your previous colour or to shift your color from red to ashy colour, or to go super white from dark and it costs your time and money. I appreciate it if you understand what you want and what you really need to understand the process and where your goal is.


  • Root touch up​ 根元リタッチ
    2cm ¥6000 

    3-5cm ¥7000 

  • Root shadow シャドウルーツ

  • One tone 全体

  1. Short ¥7000

  2. Medium¥7500

  3. Long ¥8000

  • ​Highlight ¥ 3000-(Balayage, Ombre, Foil techniques could be used. バリヤージュ、オンブレ、フォイルのテクニックを使用します。)Using bleach will also change the price.ブリーチの使用で値段が変わります。

  • Money piece highlights 10000 en

  • Highlight roots touch up(all over)

  • Toner トナー¥3000(I recommend to do this if you had bleached your hair)

  • Fullhead bleach 全頭ブリーチ ¥10000
    Bleach touch up ¥7500
    Hair correction( Colour change) price will change accordingly
    It might take 3-6 hours.

    Highlight roots touch up(all over)

​Treatment color

Fiberplex to protect your hair from damage.



Schwarzkopf Professional’s first Bond Enforcing System to protect hair from breakage during the lightening, (high-)lifting or coloring process with bond creation and long-lasting color protection*.


Less hair breakage**

Just using this will help your hair from damage,








ケアカラー ¥2000



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